What is the History and Mission of the ISE?

The Adler Institute on Social Exclusion (ISE) was created in 2005 to introduce the concept of “social exclusion” into the national discussion about social disadvantage. The central theme of the work of the ISE is the notion of “structured” disadvantage – the idea that human welfare is heavily influenced by social, political, and economic context and that addressing disadvantage requires identifying and tackling its underlying structural origins.

The mission of the Adler Institute on Social Exclusion (ISE) is to advance social justice. We do this by working to integrate the concept of “social exclusion” into U.S. popular and public policy discourse; by helping to contextualize social disadvantage; and by advancing the idea that the point of intervention for addressing social disadvantage is its social, political, and economic context.

We advance our mission through three areas of activities:

  • Applied Research – to identify the structural origins of social disadvantage and to inform structural approaches to intervention;
  • Community Outreach – that responds to the self-identified needs of disadvantaged communities; and
  • Public Awareness – to increase public understanding of how disadvantage is structured and the imperative for structural interventions.

ISE Newsletter ‘Intersections’ is published quarterly, and features articles that highlight the relationships among the many critical movements, ideas and discussions that seek to combat the problem of social exclusion.

Click Here to download the ISE Spring Newsletter.


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